And the Madness Begins

Payton Mayer, Reporter

March 15

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The bracket is set and 64 teams prepare for their long, hard fought journey on March 16 in the “Big Dance” where the championship game will be held in Phoenix, Arizona April 1st and 3rd. All 64 teams that are going to compete in th...

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Aaron Benjamin, Opinion

March 14

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Ubisoft’s recent open world game released March 7 blow the minds of gamers all around the world. Everyone’s mind except mine that is. Ghost Recon Wildlands is based around a group of four people known as Ghosts who are sent to...

In 20 Days or Less

Alexa VanHooser, Reporter

March 14

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Attention all AP students: it’s that time again! It goes without saying that prepping for AP tests feels either like the calm before the storm, or for those of you with cooler heads, a walk in the park. With class registrati...

How Get Out Portrays Just How Scary Racism Can Be

Gracie McKesson, Reporter

March 13

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Jordan Peele shocked the country when he traded his usual spotlight in comedy for a new position in the director’s chair. Directed by Peele, the psychological thriller, Get Out showcases a  deeper perspective of race in America. G...

Hospital Food

Kenny Blowers, Reporter

March 10

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Clovis Community is one of the most recognized hospitals in the Central Valley. What people don’t know is that they have an amazing cafeteria. They serve personal pizzas, burgers, and many more well known foods that would ...

Consulting Firm in Jeopardy After Oscars Mishap

Payton Mayer, Reporter

March 8

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Everyone is bound to make a mistake

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You’re Getting What?!

Abbygail de Castro, Editor-in-Chief

March 7

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So, I want to get a tattoo; a small one, on my left arm. I want the image to be of a tree, to symbolize my tree hugging spirit. Getting a tattoo is a serious decision, as whatever image you want will forever be etched on your...

Why Everyone Should Take Drama

Allyson Dyck, Reporter

March 6

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Theater is a class that all students should take. You learn worthwhile information, gain valuable skills, and create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. The theater department at Clovis High is split into three differ...

Inappropriate Music for Varsity Games

Payton Mayer, Reporter

March 1

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Drake, Big Sean, Blake Shelton, “Lip Gloss,” “Celebration.” These are just a few artists and songs that are played during the warm-ups, and during the game at varsity events. Clovis High Athletic Director Jesse Hardwick...

Pride Over Reality

Brooke Sauceda, Reporter

March 1

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After countless hours of waking up early; late nights of homework and studying; and giving up so much time surrounded by academics, during what many consider the best years of a person’s life, finally comes down to one of th...

A Dog’s Purpose

Aaron Benjamin, Reporter

February 27

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A Dog’s Purpose made me burst into a Kleenex box and use about two. The first Kleenex was to wipe the tears from my eyes when the German Shepherd died, the second was for allergy season. This movie wasn’t as saddening and...

Former CHS Athletes Helping Dreams Come True

Cody Merkord, Reporter

February 24

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Many Clovis High School students have “made it big’ In their sport of choice, and now they serve as motivation for student athletes of all sports. For example, single A professional baseball player Jake Gatewood found hi...