2016-2017 Staff

Alexa VanHooser


Alexa VanHooser, like any high school student, is interested in exploring the world around her. Whenever she isn’t bogged down with homework, she enjoys coding websites, reading, and writing creative stories. As an avid me...

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Cody Merkord


Cody Merkord is a senior at Clovis high school. He joined the Cougar's Growl to learn new diverse skills through journalism. He looks forward to trying something new that isn't a typical journey he would take. He is traditionally drawn...

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Brooke Sauceda


Brooke Sauceda is a junior at Clovis High School. She is thrilled to be a part of the Cougar’s Growl and have the opportunity to further her interest in journalism. At a young age she discovered her love for reading and writin...

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Megan Dean


Give her a pen and paper and chances are a story will be brought to life. Since second grade, Clovis High School junior Megan Dean has been driven by the power of written words. From short stories to motivating pieces, this teen...

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Kenny Blowers


Kenneth Blowers is a senior at Clovis High.. The most well-known thing about him is that his life has revolved around sports. He started playing baseball in kindergarten and then started football in the third grade. Those sport...

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Eliana Quiocho


 Eliana Quiocho is a senior at Clovis High School who has always loved writing, and plans on becoming an English major in college.  She is eager to gain experience in the world of journalism because she might choose journa...

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Bryan Keith


Bryan Keith was born into a family still stuck in the early 90's. He grew up immersed in old metal and punk bands and developed a deep connection to music at an early age. Bryan joined his school orchestra in the 5th grade and ...

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Allyson Dyck


Ally Dyck is a senior at Clovis High School who is passionate about sports, God, theater, and traveling. One of her favorite things to do is compete and is a member of Clovis High's varsity badminton team. It doesn't matter whether...

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Abbygail de Castro


Abbygail de Castro is a senior at Clovis High and has always been quiet. It wasn’t until her junior year that she learned that her voice mattered and her potential was great. Being involved in Forensics, gave her confidence ...

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Payton Mayer


When Payton Mayer first heard of this journalism program he almost lost his mind. From an early age he has always dreamed about being a top notch journalist with a focus on sports journalism. Payton would love to see this school p...

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Haley Warner

Sports Editor

Haley Warner is a senior at Clovis High and will be returning to the Cougar’s Growl as its sports editor for the 2016-17 school year. Warner has played many sports — some more successfully than others — throughout the yea...

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Nathan Nickeson


Nathan Nickeson is a senior who attends Clovis High School and he enjoys writing short stories. His favorite pastime would be listening to music and running with his cross country and track teammates. He has yet to figure out...

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Gracie McKesson


 As Co-Editor-in-Chief, Gracie McKesson is very excited to again be a part of The Cougar’s Growl team at Clovis High and share her role with her very good friend Abbygail de Castro. McKesson is a senior and is looking for...

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Rachel Granillo


Rachel Granillo is the girl who is always busy. She’s constantly moving around for school, band, and other things, but wouldn’t want it any other way. Band helped her make many new friends while also teaching her new  and int...

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Aaron Benjamin


Aaron Benjamin is a junior attending Clovis High School. For the last two years Aaron has been following in the tracks of his father, a reporter at the Fresno Bee who gives him tips on writing styles. Over the years Aaron has create...

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