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2016 Superintendent’s Breakfast

The graduating class of 2029 singing a song to close the event

The graduating class of 2029 singing a song to close the event

The graduating class of 2029 singing a song to close the event

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CUSD superintendent, Dr. Janet Young, addressed key community leaders Thursday, October 6 on how their investments are shaping the school district during the Superintendent’s Breakfast at the Clovis Veterans building.

Dr. Young said that despite the common belief that Clovis Unified is a rich school district, Clovis Unified receives less dollars per student in comparison to the other 32 school districts in the county.

She said, “The reality is this: we have had to do far more with less money,”

The theme this year was “Honoring our past. Inspiring our future.” The breakfast represented this theme by including performances from the Clovis High school drumline and cheer team and a performance from the Clovis North chamber choir as they are the oldest and newest CUSD high schools respectively.

Dr. Young wished to address where the money of the community leaders was going and how it was impacting the district.  

She said, “I believe you are interested in whether or not Clovis Unified is living up to your expectations and if we are returning well on your investments.”

During her speech, she mentioned the more recent accomplishments in the district from having more than 42,000 students and 172 new teacher hires, 48% of which were former CUSD students, to the new changes and additions to the CTE and CART programs.

These accomplishments highlight the success and the high standard upheld in the district.

“We flat out are striving to be the best school district in the nation. Yes we are. In fact, our mission…is to be America’s benchmark for excellence in education,” said Dr. Young. “By any measure our students and schools are achieving at a higher level than any time before in our district’s history.”

Among the group of nearly 600 people in attendance was Dan Sullivan, a lieutenant with the Clovis Police Department, who said, “[CUSD] feels like family and she [Dr. Young] makes us feel like family.”

Former chair for the foundation of Clovis schools, Hugh Autry, was also in attendance and said, “Dr. Young totally cares about this district and you could feel it when you listened to her speech.

Clark Intermediate’s principal Teresa Barber was also present at the breakfast. She said, “I love to come every year because it’s so encouraging to get a snapshot of the entire district and how we are serving all of our students, the growth, and the accomplishments that they all had the prior year is just fantastic and fuels your fire to go and make a difference again this year.”

The Superintendent’s Breakfast closed with the some of the graduating class of 2029 singing a song.

Clovis High Schools drumline and cheerleaders preformed during the event.

Clovis High Schools drumline and cheerleaders preformed during the event.


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  1. Laura Hart on October 11th, 2016 9:23 am

    This is a well-written article that highlights one of the many ways Clovis High represents the district as a whole. Being the original comes with the responsibility of honoring our past as a site and a district.

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2016 Superintendent’s Breakfast