Impacted CTE Classes

Allyson Dyck, Reporter

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Clovis High School students are privileged to have classes offered to them that are based on preparing them for a certain career. One of these career preparing pathways is known as Career Technical Educational, or CTE, (formerly known as ROP). CTE classes are packed with students passionate about certain topics and are ready to learn about a desired career choice. Although students may be excited and eager to learn in these career classes, they often get impacted with students and have the potential to affect the learning environments.

Junior Tyler Holden shared his knowledge about the popularity of the program when he said, “There were a lot of people that weren’t able to get into ROP because there were too many people.”  Does an impacted class affect students? Is it becoming a problem that needs to be fixed? Do many students in a class affect its desirability?

One of the impacted ROP classes is Automotive Technology. Many students, such as Holden and sophomore Adam Carter, enjoy being a part of Automotive Technology because auto racing is a part of their family.

Holden shared why he wanted to be apart of the class when he said, “My family does a lot of auto stuff with race cars.” Hunter and Carter agreed that this is why the class was so appealing, and why they enjoy it so much.

This auto class is full of students ready to learn more about automobiles, but will the extensive amount of kids in the program affect its learning environment?

“It doesn’t bother us. We do a lot of group projects so it gives us a chance to work together,” Carter said. 

Holden and Carter were both quick to exclaim their love for the class. The unity of this class and the chances it gives to interact with other students, who are passionate about the same subject makes up for the extensive amount of kids in the class.

Another impacted CTE class is Careers With Children. This class is over filled with ambitious students who want to become more educated on how to work with kids. Senior Heather Laisle- Arceneau said her reason for wanting to be in the course is because she wants, “to have a career with children and babies.”

Senior Anthony Ponce enjoys the class as well. “I love the class because it’s a family setting and we’re all really close,” Ponce said.

This so called “family” in Careers With Children seems like an ideal place to learn.

“The impacted class if anything is a better place to learn because we’re all so close and do lots of groups projects,” Ponce said in reference to impacted classes. 

The opportunities that these students are given to pursue a career is a privilege. Students enjoy this program and are eager to learn from it. They are not willing to give it up just because the classes are impacted. The full classes show the popularity of the program, not a problem with it. Bonding and making close relationships with other high schoolers who share your passion is what embodies this program and is why kids love it so much.


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Impacted CTE Classes