CHS Marching Band Comes Out On Top At Home Field Tournament

Bryan Keith, Reporter

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Following their first competition of the season on the 15th, the Golden Cougar Marching Band and Color Guard once again blasted all opposition on the 29th with another 1st place victory, this time on home turf at Lamonica Stadium for the Golden State Tournament of Bands.

The marching band placed first in their division for the second consecutive time this season with a score of 81.1 while earning high caption awards of the night for high music, high general effect, high auxiliary, and high percussion.

The tournament was sponsored by the Clovis High, Clovis North, Clovis East, and Buchanan Band Booster programs.  They hosted a total of 14 high school marching bands.

Yet, even with their exceptional scoring this season, the marching band and color guard claim they aren’t yet at the top of their game. “We did good, it was just individual mistakes that everyone had,” said color guard member Kalista Vue, “It wasn’t our best run – we could have done a lot better, but it was okay.”

“We’ve been practicing really hard,” continued Vue, “we’ve been learning from our mistakes and our seniors have been having more leadership roles, and our scores reflect on that.”

       Marching band member Kaleb Guindy said, “It was a better run because we were more focused into it, probably because it was a home show. Our freshmen are also more consistent and we all listen to what our instructors tell us.”

“I’m really proud of all the work that they are doing to make this one of the best bands that Clovis High has ever had,” said the CHS Music Director, Esmeralda Rocha Lozano, “The commitment and dedication they have each and every day surpasses previous marching bands. What’s making this year more successful than past years has to do with the total product. From the music, show design, costuming, etc… everyone is doing their job.”

This tournament was the last local competition that the CHS Marching Band and Color Guard will be attending for a while, as most of their mid-season tournaments will take place out of town. Their next competition is in San Jose, CA followed by Long Beach, California for the Long Beach College Super Show.

“I’m excited for the upcoming competitions,” said Vue, “I think those are the most fun because we get to go off of each other. We have to depend on each other the most because we have to encourage each other.”

“These will get interesting”, said Lozano, “Every event from here on out that we will attend we will see more and more competition. Competition is good because it keeps us on our toes and humble at the same time. Every rehearsal matters, every note matters, every minute matters, and [the marching band] needs to stay focused on the end product. As long as we are better today than we were yesterday, we are achieving our goal.”

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CHS Marching Band Comes Out On Top At Home Field Tournament