Is Christmas Tree Lane Overrated?

Allyson Dyck, Reporter

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Christmas Tree Lane is a highly anticipated activity that many families in the Central Valley look forward to every winter. The decorated homes, the cold weather, and going down the street all bundled up in blankets with your hot chocolate in hand makes for the ideal Christmas atmosphere. But is all the buildup and excitement for this holiday event really worth the hype? Or is it a bit overrated?

Christmas Tree Lane does make for a great family tradition or a fun night out with friends, but are all the fake Santa Clauses sitting outside their homes really necessary?

As a little kid, Christmas Tree Lane must be the most confusing place on earth with dozens of different men dressed up as Santa Claus as you walk down the two mile path in Fresno when he’s suppose to be at the North Pole preparing to make your Christmas gift better than the socks you’ve received for the past two years.

But before you even get to the two-mile walk, you have to walk two miles to just get to the starting point from where you finally found a parking spot all the way out in Timbuktu.

Finding a parking spot for this favorite holiday outing seems easy though compared to having to navigate your way through the crowded, brimming with oblivious kids on scooters, stroller filled, dog infested, walkway where you’re suppose to be looking up at all the beautiful lit up houses–not the street to make sure you don’t trip over that wagon again filled with someone’s four kids.  

Many in the central valley cherish this seasonal extravaganza; fake Santa Clauses and all. Even though it’s impossible to walk this much loved seasonal path without bumping shoulders with people every other step, it is a light to many families during this Christmas season. It is an activity that brings joy to friends and families and is appreciated by the surrounding communities.

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Is Christmas Tree Lane Overrated?