Peter Pan: The Play that will Never Grow Old

Megan Dean, Reporter

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I was left speechless after watching the school’s production of Peter Pan this last weekend. Was it the hilarious pirate band that did it? Perhaps it was the stunning vocal performances? Or maybe the incredible special effects?

Though all those aspects were nice, the thing that really left me speechless was the magic that exuded from the Mercedes Edward Theater stage.

There were definitely moments where I had to stop and remind myself that this was a high school production and not a professional company. From the intricate costumes and sets to the flying special effects there’s no doubt Clovis High pulled out all the stops.

Junior Annie Butchert, who played Peter Pan, wowed the audience with her high flying tricks and strong vocals. She captured the essence of the boy who never grew up flawlessly. Butchert’s co-star, sophomore Brianne Avina, acted in such elegance and innocence as the part of Wendy Darling. For their hilarious chemistry, junior Cameron Fernandez and sophomore Luke Colvard, who played the mischievous Captain Hook and comical Smee respectively, stole the show in each scene they were in.

Though they often are overlooked in large productions like this, there’s no doubt that the talented ensemble, made up of nearly 60 students, contributed to the magical aura of the show. Their carefully choreographed dance numbers, hilarious quirks, and pitch perfect chorus singing left the audience in awe and laughing.

Peter Pan made me realize that Clovis High does an amazing job of incorporating future Cougars in their shows as there were 23 young actors and actresses representing every grade from kindergarten to eighth grade. Their youth added a deeper level of innocence to the show. Though they are young believe me when I say they did not disappoint. The gifted 3rd grader from Red Bank, Lukas Brown, made his theatrical debut in Peter Pan as Michael Darling; he, along with the talented Jonathan Souza, a 7th grader from Clark playing John Darling, mirrored the exquisite acting from their older cast.

Ultimately, Peter Pan, was a reflection of the hard work and dedication to the art of acting from all involved. To those behind the scenes, thank you for your hard work and effort. To the choreographers, Debra Mennucci and Katie Green, thank you for your careful planning of each stunning step and to director Susan Kehler, thank you for putting on a magical show.

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Peter Pan: The Play that will Never Grow Old