“La La Land”: A Dazzling Musical

Brooke Sauceda, Reporter

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Hollywood made a bold move with its first original musical in years. And luckily for Hollywood it was a move well played.

“La La Land” had all the makings of a great film with Academy Award nominated actors, an Academy Award nominated director, and truly unique soundtrack. With all of those elements combined it equated to a spectacular film.

While the movie set in modern day Hollywood, the film’s leading characters Sebastian and Mia, played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, had a refreshingly old fashioned sense to them. This is made obvious through Sebastian’s love for jazz music and Mia’s love for classic Hollywood films.  

The movie’s opening number “Another Day of Sun” set the tone for the movie with its jubilant ora. This feeling continued with its many other delightfully joyous songs such as a personal favorite “A Lovely Night.”

Although Gosling and Stone are not known for singing in musicals, let alone acting in them, their voices were soft and very easy to listen to.

The film’s plot however while entertaining it was a rather cliche love story until it came to the unexpected twist at the end. At points of the movie the soundtrack overshadowed the duller parts of the plot.

“La La Land” was visually very pleasing along with the wonderful soundtrack that together made for a movie worth its Academy Award nomination. In the end no matter how you feel about musicals or how the film comes to a close, it will leave you amazed by how a classic love story change so drastically with the addition of musical numbers and the modern twist on two old-fashioned Hollywood hopefuls.

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“La La Land”: A Dazzling Musical