Welcome Back Mr. Wetzel

Allyson Dyck, Reporter

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Clovis High School geography and U.S. history teacher Josh Wetzel has returned to Clovis High after leaving the first semester to be a part of the Trump campaign. His time-consuming duties and lots of traveling kept him busy during his time away from Clovis.

“My job during the campaign was I lead a team and myself and my team, we put on the big events,” said Wetzel. “We produced the events so whenever our candidate whether it was President Trump or Vice President Pence going into a city, particularly in a battleground state, we were in charge of going in there and advancing it and putting on the event prior to them showing up so by the time that they showed up and arrived to their event, the crowd was set, the stage was set, the lighting, the sound, and all the av equipment was ready to go.”

Although Wetzel worked for both President Trump and Vice President Pence, he worked more closely with Vice President Pence while on the job

“I never had a face-to-face conversation with President Trump,” said Wetzel, “but I did personally communicate and work with Vice President Mike Pence, since I was assigned to him.”

Being in charge of organizing President Trump and Vice President Pence’s events, Wetzel said that he traveled everywhere and was required to always be on the move.

“I think by the end, I ended up visiting around 22 states from the end of July until election night,” said Wetzel. “I did a little bit of traveling as well during the inauguration as well as the transition. The transition is the point where the candidate is elected until they’re sworn in as the new president.”

After traveling from state to state, Wetzel ended up in New York for election night.

“We were waiting for the results [to come in for the election],” said Wetzel.  “And since the entire campaign was considered the underdog, we were excited but we were also nervous about what the outcome was going to be because we didn’t know what was going to happen.”

The Trump campaign, also considered the “underdogs” according to Wetzel, waited anxiously for the results to come in on who would be announced as the 45th president of the United States.

“As the numbers started to come in and it started to show us the momentum we had, the energy in the room started to get very electric,” said Wetzel. “The time I kind of had an idea that we were going to win the election was when Wisconsin came in and came in in favor of president Trump. And at that point I had an idea that ‘Ok we are going to win this thing,’ and the whole crowd was electric. I think at that point they knew. There was almost a 93% probability that he was going to win the election so I felt pretty confident.”

As the confidence started to rise and the numbers started to come in in favor of Trump, history was beginning to be made.

“It’s one of the most memorable experiences I’ll ever have,” said Wetzel, “It was really exciting.”

As the election came to a close and the second semester began, it was time for Wetzel to come back and continue teaching at Clovis High. Is he done in the political scene for good though?

“I’ll always be active [in politics]. I have a lot of friends that are in the network. That’s how I got involved this time,” said Wetzel, “As of right now I’m extremely happy to be back at Clovis High School. But I’ll always stay within that network because it’s a good network to be a part of. For example, there will be times when maybe they want you to go on an international trip during my breaks like during spring break or summer break. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunities within the network I’m in. But as of now I’m very happy to be back at Clovis High.”


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Welcome Back Mr. Wetzel