How Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Allyson Dyck, Reporter

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Valentine’s Day is here, but plans for how this special day is going to be celebrated have already kicked into gear.

“I’ve always celebrated it, if I had someone to celebrate it with of course,” said senior Olivia Baird. “I think last year I went out to Tokyo Steak House and then just hung out after. I’ve never done anything super special.”

Although Valentine’s Day has many festivities year after year, is there too much attention paid to just this one day in the middle of February?

“Valentine’s Day is cute and I understand wanting to treat your significant other for a special date,” said Baird. “But I feel like at the same time you should be doing that year round. But I do also understand taking one day to go the extra mile.”

Having one day to “go the extra mile” as Baird said to do something for a significant other makes Valentine’s Day the perfect occasion.

“I personally don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day,” said senior Mason Lotspiech. “But I understand how people [want to] do extra for their significant other and take them out for a nicer dinner than usual and do all that stuff for them.”

Baird added, “Instead of getting dollar menu McDonalds and taking them to an actual restaurant.”

As the date draws near and festivities are being put into full swing, the perfect gift for a significant other is on lots of peoples’ minds.

 “I’m a huge sucker for stuffed animals and chocolate,” said Baird, “I’m not a big fan of flowers. They just die so I don’t see the point in getting them.”

Celebrations, dinner outings, and gift giving are all parts of what makes up Valentine’s Day. But doing something from the heart and not just out of “Valentine’s tradition” is what is most important to some people.

“As long as the person gets me something from the heart I don’t care what it is,” said Lotspiech, “I’ll still hold on to it.”

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How Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day