Kehler’s Surprise Preformance

Brooke Sauceda, Reporter

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Clovis High School’s production of Peter Pan on January 28 ended with an extra special song for the school’s drama teacher Susan Kehler. Peter Pan was Kehler’s last show at Clovis High before her retirement this spring. To celebrate over 75 of her former students from the last 31 years came back to honor her with a song.

Kehler was pleasantly surprised by the performance as it left her, and even a few of those on stage, in tears.

“It made me cry, big time. It was an absolute surprise. I had no idea and I usually know when something’s up” said Kehler.

The Clovis High alumni were very proud to have been able to honor Kehler’s retirement in such a way that only performing arts students could, with a big musical number. The song was a parody to the tune of “Hello Dolly” with the words written by Brandon Roberts and Damian Carroll.

The alumni were ecstatic to be able to perform for Kehler one last time.

“When I heard that there was going to be a performance tribute to Mrs. Kehler done by alumni, I knew I wanted to be a part of it,” said CHS class of 1998 alum and former drama student Megan Dahlberg.

A lot of work went into planning this performance. Roberts and Carroll were the organizers of the number. They started a secret Facebook group to contact all the alumni who wanted to participate.

The performance was very important to everyone and many of the alumni who participated were not local and even came from all over the country.

“Everyone sang out with so much heart and pride,” said Dahlberg. “I can imagine it was a surreal experience for Mrs. Kehler seeing so many of her students from years and years of teaching, all of us different ages and from different times throughout her career.”

With Kehler being an important part of many of her students’ lives they wanted her to know how much they care about her.

“So much of my self-confidence today comes from tiny seeds she [Kehler] cultivated when I was her student,” said CHS class of 1991 alum and drama student Ann Graham.

Kehler was taken aback by the performance and said it was a wonderful thing to see her former students give her something back that really spoke to her heart.

“The gift it was to me, and it was a serious gift, is that after 30 years of spending so many hours with so many kids over the years I know how much I love them, I now know how much they love me” said Kehler.

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Kehler’s Surprise Preformance