In 20 Days or Less

Alexa VanHooser, Reporter

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Attention all AP students: it’s that time again! It goes without saying that prepping for AP tests feels either like the calm before the storm, or for those of you with cooler heads, a walk in the park. With class registration on Monday, the future seems closer, more pronounced.

The future slapped my friends and me in the face seconds after our AP Comp teacher, Ms. Perkovich, reminded us that we have less than 10 weeks of in-class instruction left until the AP test.

I’m normally in the middle of a small-scale existential crisis anyway, but this simple fact catapulted my thoughts into panic mode. It felt like – in the most microscopic, metaphoric recesses of my mind – my brain was unwinding. Although dramatic, it’s not uncommon for AP students to feel this way.

We greet our summers not with unambiguous joy, but a small degree of dread. Rather than soaking up the sun for the majority of the summer, a vast number of AP students find themselves absorbed in their summer assignments. In a little more than 8 weeks, we’re forced back into the same cycle: eat, study, repeat.

When a teacher sheds light on the simple fact we’ve hidden in the back of our minds – the ever-nearer AP tests – we’re pretty much destined to freak out. Some students pride themselves on passing with a 3, whereas others question the meaning of life if they get less than a 5.

In turn, the studying slough begins.

Amazon’s servers are flooded by students desperately attempting to buy the latest prep book that everyone’s made them feel that they need. Parents are questioning why their students are suddenly encapsulated in vehement indignation, prone to fits of random tears, and spend 30 minutes staring blankly at a wall. Not like I’d know or anything.

Joined together, the two simple letters “A-P” can magnify themselves into a terrible mental echo that plays on repeat for weeks before the test itself. This nagging echo soon, however, translates into echoes of, “Why aren’t you studying? Sleep, who? Prepping makes perfect!”

Once again, not like I’d know or anything.

After the final buzzer sounds and all the tests are over, let’s just hope we survive this.

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In 20 Days or Less