Ghost Recon Wildlands

Aaron Benjamin, Opinion

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Ubisoft’s recent open world game released March 7 blow the minds of gamers all around the world. Everyone’s mind except mine that is.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is based around a group of four people known as Ghosts who are sent to a fictional country called Bolivia with the primary objective to take down big drug lords.

The tone at E3 2015 when Wildlands was announced was meant to make it sound like a multiplayer game where you conduct missions against AI and against other players. That wasn’t the case in the beta or the full game.

After much gripe from the community during the beta, I think the developers decided it was a mistake not to have player versus player (PVP) in the game. That being said, I think they made an immediate decision to put it in the game but they couldn’t make it one week before the release.

The PVP 4 on 4 gamemode is set to come out a few months from now. Ubisoft has yet to reveal details of exactly when.

The game alone in its current state, without any updates was far from completion. I think, like every other AAA developer nowadays, this game was rushed. The game feels unfinished. It’s unoptimised (if you’re playing on PC). You’re forced to run your graphics settings on lower even if you’re on a high end graphics card. If you do run it on the max graphics, you can’t achieve 60 frames per second (FPS).

It’s not always about the graphics though. It’s about gameplay. If the gameplay is good then why care about graphics? There’s just one problem, the gameplay isn’t good. It’s repetitive. When I arrived at the first mission on the first province, my assumption was that there wouldn’t be a lot of variation. I was right. From there on, it was just a rinse and repeat process of the same missions just “different landscape.”

Those landscapes bring me to my next point. There’s not much variation in buildings or landscapes either. My last hope was the variation of the map itself. It’s unfortunate that hope was shot down by Ubisoft.

The story in this game is so dull. Even if you’re paying attention to it, you’re not that attached. I was doing my best to pay attention to the story throughout but became bored from following it. It’s about as repetitive as the missions which are the basis of the story.

The only way I can recommend this game to someone is if they have entertaining friends they can play the game with. By entertaining I mean you need someone that: drives cars down mountains, throws grenades at the ground near you at random times…basically someone who really can’t care that much about the main story of the game.

Do not pay full price for this unfinished open-world disaster. $60 is too much for an unfinished, repetitive, unoptimised game. If you’re buying it, bring coupons…and add friends.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands