Mosaic Assembly

Aaron Benjamin, Reporter

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Clovis High’s annual Mosaic assembly is taking place today to celebrate multiculturalism and diversity.

The assembly allows various clubs a chance to perform a dance, reading, or other type of performance to express their culture and diversity.  Clubs such as the African American Student Union (AASU), Asian Club, Spanish Club and many others are on the set list for Friday’s event.

Over the past few months, club participants have spent hours practicing for this performance. 

“We practice our dance and rehearse the steps in the actual area,” said Junior Aaron Romo, “Just so we can be familiar with it.”

The assembly helps display all of the numerous amounts of clubs around campus available to students while both uniting the school with one event.

“It’s really an opportunity for our clubs to showcase what they do in their small niches,” said Activities Director Staci Lazzari, “Either perform, showcase part of their cultural element, or other clubs that aren’t culturally rooted can participate.”

All clubs are invited to perform in the Mosaic Assembly, it’s not primarily about a culture.

Preparation for this assembly requires about a month of the ASB team and community officer’s time.

“It’s not often you get to see traditional dancing, or song writing from different cultures,” said Lazzari, “and students participating in something they’re really passionate about. It’s probably one of my favorite activities throughout the year.”

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Mosaic Assembly