Improv Against Humanity

Eliana Quiocho, Reporter

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Talented, funny, and entertaining. In the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, Clovis High’s Improvisation team, a club that dedicates its time to perform spontaneous comedy skits, was a growing group that needed to find new members to join the team. Sophomore Luke Colvard was in charge of holding auditions, and picking these new members. Little did he know, he would find a dream team of improvisation.

Among the group is sophomore Sunny De Castro, sophomore Emma Cedarquist, sophomore Lanais Coleman, junior Garret Owens, and senior Paulo Carmelo.

According to Colvard, not only did he choose his new team members, but he also showed the team the ropes of improvisation. None of members had any real improv experience, or knew even knew  the rules of performing.

However, this began to change as the group practiced more.

“They all learned fast, and we became a close team,” said Colvard.

“It’s nice to see a group of completely different people get along so well,” said Coleman.

Although the club is diverse, the team’s differences only contribute to the comedic chemistry on stage. Each person has different skills to offer to the team, which is combined to create unstoppable success.

“We were put in an environment in which we must work together to produce a scene that entertains,” said Carmelo.

Amidst the different scenes that the group works on, a majority of the team enjoys the exercise called “Paid Programming” – which is a game that involves impressions that allude to some famous tv shows and pop culture icons.

“[Paid programming] involves the whole team, and it’s always a blast to have everyone working together,” Colvard said.

Furthermore, the unity that the team has mostly centers around a passion for comedy. The team members truly enjoy laughter, and the wild time that is spent with friends and the audience.

“Comedy is supposed to make people feel better and I hope that our team has done that,” said Coleman.

Throughout the year, the team has hoped that they have touched the hearts and funny-bones of most of their audiences and fans. This goal is exemplified through the victory of the team.

At the 2017 drama festival,  the group has proved their talented capabilities by winning first place in the Improvisation category.

“To hear that we got first, my heart skipped a beat,” said Coleman. “It honestly just felt amazing.”

Although the team hit the height of success by winning at the festival, it plans to bring the same spunk for next year (if not more).

“I would love to see more freshmen try out for the team just because we’re a team of mostly sophomores, but other than that I just hope that the creativity grows,” said de Castro.

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Improv Against Humanity