CHS Hosts Annual Fusion Event

Allyson Dyck, Reporter

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Clovis High School hosted its annual Fusion event in the the amphitheater on April 4.

Fusion is Clovis High’s equivalent of open house. The night consists of performances done by a variety of clubs, students selling food to raise money for their club, and the entirety of the teaching staff attends giving parents the opportunity to meet their kid’s teachers.

Even though this night of food and performances is an annual tradition at Clovis High. attendance to the event appears to be dwindling.

“We do Fusion and open house because we want to provide an opportunity for our families and parents to see all that our school has to offer from an academic and cultural standpoint,” said deputy principal Stephanie Hanks. “It’s also a night that we get out some  information to our senior parents. We kind of just wrap it all up in one.”

Although part of Fusion’s occurrence is for informational purposes for families, it has a different meaning for everyone.

“I think everybody comes together as one and they get to share what their culture is like,” said senior and Latino Club member Savannah Flores.

“Fusion is a way that we showcase our special programs that don’t often get showcased in terms of our diversity,” said Hanks. “My understanding is that it was put together, obviously I wasn’t here, but it was put together way back when to do that kind of showcase while simultaneously getting teachers out and together instead of separated off in classrooms to provide more of a family type of event versus individual event.”

This year’s Fusion happened to land on the same night as the NCAA March Madness Championship game which may have had a role to play in the attendance of the event.

“Would’ve loved some additional turn out,” said Hanks. “But it is NCAA Final Four tonight so we expected it to be a little low this evening.”

Although this might have been and inconvenience to the turnout of Fusion, the event is planned and put on a master calendar a year in advanced so it is difficult to avoid this sort of conflict.

“I don’t think it had a great turnout tonight. I think it was ok. I don’t know what we could do to change it up and get a better representation,” said counselor Billy Ware. “That thing that they had at lunch with all the trucks, although the clubs wouldn’t be making as much money, it seemed like they turned out more for that so maybe something [similar to that] to get people more involved.”

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CHS Hosts Annual Fusion Event