Clovis: #1 Place to Raise a Family

Allyson Dyck, Reporter

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Clovis, California is the number one place to live and raise a family. The three aspects that I based this evaluation on are: schools, affordability, and the economy.

Clovis Unified graduation rate is 89.1% according to The nine schools that are included in Clovis Unified high schools are: Clovis High, Clovis East, Clovis North, Clovis West, Buchanan, Clovis Online, Community Day Secondary, Gateway, and Enterprise. This is 7% higher than the California statewide graduation of 82%. Along with the high graduation rate in Clovis, among the 172 new teachers hired, 48% were CUSD graduates. This shows the desirability of Clovis. People who grow up here, want to stay here.

There is also a strong sense of community. Clovis hosts fun annual events for the people in the community such as farmers markets in the summer, Big Hat days in April, and the always highly anticipated Clovis Rodeo coming up in April. These events include music, art, and lots of food just to name a few. These outdoor events are enjoyed by thousands of people in Clovis who come out to enjoy the community, events, and atmosphere. It’s fun for the family, and it’s just one of the things that contribute to creating a strong community.

According to the unemployment rate is 7.3% with a job growth rate of 2.33%. Future job growth though is predicted to be 37.35% over the next 10 years. This is predicting that the economy will continue to improve and better itself over time instead of decline over time. Also, according to, the cost of living in Clovis is 16% lower than the California average. And the price for goods and services is 7% lower than the California average. This makes Clovis an affordable and desirable place to raise a family.

The amazing schools, fun family events, rising economy, and affordability are all strong cases on why Clovis is the #1 place to live and raise a family.

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Clovis: #1 Place to Raise a Family