Simple, Crisp, and In Style

Samir Allen, Reporter

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Men. Men. Men. What are we going to do with the whole male gender? Some males can dress as if fashion is second nature to them. Some can’t seem to piece together an outfit that shows their sense of style. While others could not care less whether they wear denim on denim or stripes with plaid. In this generation the males who can dress well are often looked down on because other males see it as being feminine or too focused with their look. Is knowledge of men’s fashion a good or bad thing?

Constant questions asked to well groomed men include: Who are you trying to impress? and What’s the occasion? Why must there be a reason to dress up? Women will dress up impressive on a daily basis but however the instant a man suits up in a striking manner heads flip around followed by opened mouths. The perfect gentleman’s reason for his attire will be to present himself through clothing. Clothing speaks louder than your mouth ever will. For example, if teachers and advisors weren’t in their professional clothes during class time students wouldn’t take them nearly as seriously. Businesslike dressing puts the person automatically at a higher status compared to the casual jeans with a t-shirt. However, a suit that’s not fitting to the body is actually the complete opposite.

Nowadays it’s rare to see a young man with an accessory such as a watch, necklace, or bracelet. With current generation possessing a cell phone, having a watch isn’t actually used for its sole purpose. Have a person ask a group of people what the time is, then see them pull out their cellular devices to read back the time. If you see a quality watch on a wrist it’s most likely for the looks. Therefore, watches are now a part of men’s fashion due to the value it gives off by occupying your wrist. Who would have known a device for keeping track of time would present value.

Growing up a young kid you don’t necessarily pay close attention to the clothes. For the most part if it’s clothes it’s clothes. If you saw the shirt that said, “I hate homework” that would be your favorite t-shirt and you would wear it to intentionally irk your teacher. Now as a young man that gives you a couple of strange looks and in a way gives the vibe that you’re lazy. To play it safe, grab yourself a quality white, black, or grey crew neck with a crisp pair of jeans to complete the outfit. Also, if you still have small shirts in the closet from four years ago, please throw them away.

So if fashion isn’t your priority in life it’s okay because it doesn’t take much effort to pick clothes that fit proper, assure they are clean, and match everything with a pair of black shoes followed by jeans. The common misconception is that you have to be with the current trends, but that’s wrong. Fashion is an expression of yourself, so if you’re following the wardrobe of celebrities or the “cool dude” the freedom is taken from you. At the end of the day cherish the freedom of fashion because someone out there can’t.


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Simple, Crisp, and In Style