Bill 760 to Determine CART’s Future Funding

Allyson Dyck, Reporter

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Center for Advance Research and Technology, also known as CART, is required every five years to get a support legislation in order to keep operating under the state Education Code. If Assembly Bill 760 is passed, then CART will no longer have to get a support legislation but they will be able to operate permanently.

CART staff and students hope Assembly Bill 760 will pass making CART’s funding and operating permanent.

“I think that cart is such a valuable program that they will find a way to fund it no matter what happens,” said Clovis High School counselor Barbara Hansen. “I don’t think that CART will go away. I think that they will find a way to fund it because CART is such a great program.”

CART’s value goes beyond just providing students with an excellent education.

“CART is very valuable for Clovis High students because it gives them a real life hands on experience,” said Hansen. “It gives them an outlook into a career that they possibly could be interested in and on the other hand it gives them an outlook to see if that career is possibly not the career for them.”

CART is a joint Fresno Unified and Clovis Unified career technical educational center that allows high school students to learn more about career fields that they are interested in. Making it a permanently operating education center is a necessary improvement.

“You learn a lot more [at CART] than I’d say you do at your home school,” said senior and CART multimedia student Christian Zarcone. “They teach you how to write a resume, do a job interview, just face the real world pretty much.”

CART is important to students because it helps them develop valuable tools that they will use in the “real world” once they’ve graduated.

“I’ve learned to work with different types of people,” said senior and CART multimedia student Claire Domm.

“CART has helped me get out of my shell because I’m very very shy,” said Zarcone. “Public speaking and getting to know people have both contributed to that.”

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Bill 760 to Determine CART’s Future Funding