A Student’s Taste in Music ;What Does it Mean To Them

Justin Franco, Reporter

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One of the things seen most around school is a kid talking to his or her friends or sitting around with earbuds in. Whether just to relax before class or empty their head at home; music is something constantly revolving around kids more than ever.

To many, music has an influence in some way or another, commonly someone’s mood. Senior Josh Lenert-Mondou, who enjoys rock ‘n’ roll and whose favorite band is the Rolling Stones said, “I’d say it has influence on my life – it controls my mood.  I can listen to music and be in a better mood.”

Music can also be seen in other ways as an outlet for expression or a voice.

“I don’t know anyone that doesn’t listen to music really or find some outlet with music and I can say the same thing with poetry,” English teacher Andrew Blanchard said. “I’ve seen people who wouldn’t speak at all if they didn’t have to but they can express themselves very clearly with poetry so I think they’re incredibly powerful forms of expression.”

Now critical thinking and criticism is also something that often comes into a students’ minds regarding their taste but with that can be a path for becoming more open minded.

Blanchard reminisced on his criticisms of music and being close minded when he was his student’s age.

“Admittedly, then it was probably more important to me I guess,” Balnchard said. “Pretty much if it wasn’t heavy metal or something like that I wouldn’t listen to it and that was obviously very limiting. I missed out on a lot of stuff by having this narrow view so I think it’s important to open up to a lot of experiences, music being one of them.”

Even though music comes with all these emotions and conversations to some all it really is, is music. It has no significant impact and it’s just something to jam out to.

Student Joseph Hawkins who’s into EDM and rap says that,”I just like to listen to it. Mostly because the beats are dope.’’

Now while music isn’t anything to significant to him Hawkins did say, “In this given day and age I find that music is an intellectual value that can be tapped into.”

Overall if a student’s taste is the rhymes of Travis Scott or riffs of Led Zeppelin, there will always be three common things that can be taken away from music, enlightening impact or not. Ultimately, the take away is that music is a way for students to have an outlet to critique, show different forms of expression, or to listen just to listen.

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A Student’s Taste in Music ;What Does it Mean To Them