Hamilton is the Start of a New Era for CHS Drama

New drama teacher Megan Hamilton gives a demonstration to her class.

New drama teacher Megan Hamilton gives a demonstration to her class.

New drama teacher Megan Hamilton gives a demonstration to her class.

Jordyn Ohashi, Reporter

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Clovis High’s drama department gained a new drama teacher, Megan Hamilton, this year.  She succeedes Susan Kehler who retired last year.  Hamilton has pursued drama since elementary school and is an exciting addition to the drama department.

“[Becoming the new drama teacher] was a dream come true.” Hamilton said.

Not only has Hamilton been a part of different drama departments, she was in Kehler’s class when she was a student at Clovis High.  The class fostered her love for drama. She continued pursuing drama at Fresno State where she majored in theater and minored in English.

Hamilton, before deciding to go into teaching, substituted for Kehler’s class which supported her decision to teach drama.

She then earned her teaching credential and did her student teaching at Clovis High under Janna Rigby, previous costume director.  When Rigby changed schools, Hamilton took over her job and assistant directed along side Kehler. This experience bolstered Hamilton’s overall understanding of the department.

“Mrs. Kehler was amazing and she did a lot of great things and there are a lot of thing that I plan to emulate,” Hamilton said.  “I have really big shoes to feel but I need to come in and be my own person.”

For her first year as the drama department teacher Hamilton has chosen to produce the musical, Bye Bye Birdie, and the non-musical, The Nerd.

Bye Bye Birdie is set in the 50s and is a farce on when Elvis Presley was drafted into the army. She chose this musical due to the array of performing opportunities.

“You have lots of other speaking roles and opportunities for solos,” said Hamilton.  “It also has fun dancing and it’s just a really silly, fun story line students will have a lot of fun with and audience will have a lot of fun seeing”

As for the future of the department she would love to build a bridge between Clark drama and Clovis High drama, to give as many performance opportunities for the students, and is even open to doing student-directed shows.  These are just a few things Hamilton foresees in the future of the department.

Hamilton also wants to expand the relationship between the choir, dance, and drama departments.

The same goes with first-year dance teacher Katie Green, who works with the drama department as a choreographer for the musicals, and likewise would like to stick together with the other performing arts departments.

 “We are going to be awesome,” Green said.  “I think we have to figure out our routine, but I foresee greatness.”

She already knew what the Clovis High drama department was like as a student and now she understands the other end of it being the teacher.  

With all of this knowledge and passion she hopes to build connections with the students to inspire and motivate them.  

Already her students like senior Cameron Fernandez and junior Clarysta Ochs notice her strengths and individuality that will add to the program. They are recognizing first hand the goals she has made and hopes to continue.

“She looks for the good in a situation,” said Fernandez, a previous English student of Hamilton’s and current drama student,  “and handles the bad with a smile which is really reassuring.”

“I think [Hamilton] is going to fill her own shoes and create a different and new drama program,” said Ochs, a drama class student of Hamilton’s.  “We are still going to love [the drama program].”

“There is just something magical about it[performing],” Hamilton said.  “I’m just super excited for the opportunity to be able to do that on a daily basis day in and day out in my classroom every day.”

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Hamilton is the Start of a New Era for CHS Drama