Katie Green Dances Her Way Through Dance Rep Program

Chloe Swinney, Reporter

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Former English teacher Katie Green takes the stage this year as CHS’s new dance P.E. instructor in the wake of long time dance instructor Debby Mennucci’s retirement.

Green began her dancing career as a young girl, enrolled in almost every type of dance class imaginable over the years. At the age of five Green “really got hooked” when she was cast in The King and I where she met Mennucci, who became a friend and role model.

“My goal was to be her when I grew up,” said Green.

In college Green minored in dance, hoping to someday make a career of her passion but, as jobs were scarce, she attained a degree in English and received her teaching credential.

“English was another strong suit of mine in school,” said Green. “Drama is literature,” and having grown up participating frequently in theater, “literature came second nature to [her].”

Though Green’s intended career path took a slight detour, she continued to work with Mennucci, assisting her in choreographing school theater productions and dance concerts.

As Mennucci’s retirement rounded the corner, Green proved a fitting candidate for the job, having experienced the dance program inside and out in her 17 years of working with Mennucci.

Though Mennucci has certainly left big shoes to fill, Green seems optimistic for the future.

“I think I’ve got it!” said Green. “I’m ready to go!”

CHS Drama teacher Megan Hamilton, who has worked with Green on several school productions, looks forward to working with her again, commending her on her talent both as a choreographer and as a teacher.

“She’s just so energetic, so hardworking, and so so much fun,” said Hamilton.

Moving forward, Green hopes to preserve Mennucci’s philosophy “that anyone can dance.”  Whether dancers have been traditionally trained or not, Green believes that each has something unique to contribute as dance evolves and changes.

However, Green hopes to teach all her students, from first time dancers to those with years of experience, how to employ proper technique in their own personal style

“I can take anyone with four left feet and teach them something if they’re willing to work at it,” said Green. “Rep is about work ethic.”

True to her word, Green has hit the ground running in teaching them the basics and pushing them to improve their style and performance.

Green has come into the department “fresh on her heels,” said senior Sydney Coots. “Everything is very new and exciting.”

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Katie Green Dances Her Way Through Dance Rep Program