Tomorrow Marks Second AVID College Spirit Day

Emma Streich, Reporter

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The first Thursday of every month students and faculty can now wear shirts with their favorite college on them.

The Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID wanted to start encouraging people to wear college shirts to publicize what they are all about — going to college after high school.

Health teacher Carrie Beauchamp, who is also the sophomore and junior AVID advisor, said the goal of college spirit day is to “raise awareness of kids options and to promote college readiness throughout the whole campus.”

Her hope is for every kid to have a plan for after high school. No matter what the plan is, she just wants there to be one.

U.S. History teacher Emily Wolfe, who is also the freshman AVID advisor, said the goal is to “promote different colleges around California and the United States.”

Wolfe is finding that many students don’t know much about schools outside of the Clovis/Fresno area. She thought college spirit day was a way to change that. She hoped students would see the different colleges and look at more schools than just Fresno City and Fresno State.

Her hope is that students begin to look at UC’s, CSU’s and vocational schools because of college spirit days.

Junior Raelynn Flores, a student involved in AVID, promotes college spirit days by wearing college shirts on Thursdays, “going to college fairs, participating in the AVID [Homecoming] float, and going on college field trips.”

Sophomore AVID student Lindsey Bauer said the college spirit days aim to “get people excited about college and thinking about what college they want to go to.”

While many students still don’t know about college spirit days, sophomores Miranda Gallegos and Calli Fragasso think they may participate now that they are aware of it.

Gallegos likes the idea and thinks if she saw a shirt for a college she would be more compelled to look into it.  

However, she does think it would “depend on the student” in regards to whether or not the shirts will encourage kids to go to college.

Both advisors would like the staff to get involved as well.

Wolfe and Beauchamp are prompting other teachers to wear shirts from their alumni school so their students know where they went and can learn more about said school from them.

Beauchamp’s hope in encouraging staff to wear their alumni school shirts is that students will talk to their teachers about the school.

Chemistry teacher Monica Carter thinks the idea is great and will “help students to consider other colleges.”

Carter went to UC San Diego and loves when students choose to go there. Carter thinks if a student sees her in a UCSD shirt they would be “more likely to ask [her] about that particular university.”

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Tomorrow Marks Second AVID College Spirit Day