The Early Cougar Gets the Worm

Clovis High students at this mornings Channel 47 rally.

Clovis High students at this mornings Channel 47 rally.

Clovis High students at this mornings Channel 47 rally.

Justin Lowery, Reporter

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Diehard CHS students took part in a morning rally at 4:45 in the South Gym this morning. Channel 47 News televised the rally in advance of the Cougars taking on the Buchanan Bears football team in Lamonica Stadium tonight.

This is the first Clovis High rally of the year and looks to produce some hype going into a big game for the Cougars football team tonight.

“It gets everyone pumped up before the game tonight and it’s really cool to see students get together to support our athletes and represent our school,” said senior cheerleader Sam Gamez.

“I think it’s a really awesome experience for our students,” ASB president Noah Madrigal said, “because it helps us to get excited for our football game later tonight but I really want everyone to be involved in our game day activities.”

Students displayed their school spirit every time the camera was pointed toward them.

“It’s a way our school comes together as one to support our school and that’s a really amazing thing to see. It’s always great to be a part of something bigger than oneself,” said senior Nick Amparano.

Senior Tallon McKay added, “Going to support the teams and wearing blue and gold doing it, I wouldn’t be any prouder.”

The Cougar students flaunted their school spirit and took advantage of the event being televised.

Amparano added, “I’m excited to be on TV to show everyone how much school spirit Clovis High has.”

Although many students would likely want to sleep in on a school day, Gamez said, “Cheering at a morning rally is actually way more fun than people would think. Starting the day off getting everyone excited is the best part.”

The morning rally definitely had the student body pumped up for tonight’s game, as approximately 350 Cougars showed up. Now it is time to see the Cougars go out onto Lamonica and finish business.

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The Early Cougar Gets the Worm