Tis Almost the Season to be Jolly

Chloe Swinney, Reporter

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With the Halloween season winding down, many families are already dusting off the Christmas decorations and browsing for the best gifts on Amazon. To some, it seems, the month of November, Thanksgiving and all, has become simply the buildup to the Christmas season. Yet November is chock full of its own unique holidays, traditions, and activities.

November 9 National Book Lovers Day:

What better way to settle into autumn than to spend the day with a good novel in celebration of National Book Lovers Day? With midterms coming up, who doesn’t need a day to lie back and relax?

November 11 Origami Day:

If you’ve never tried origami before, November 11 is the day to start! Just find some fun paper to fold, pull up YouTube, and try your hand at the classic crane.

November 13 World Kindness Day:

As the saying goes, people often forget that kindness is free, but November 13 is the perfect reminder! Take the  day to do something special for Mom, tell a friend you appreciate them, and give compliments freely.

November 17 Take a Hike Day:

Get out of the city and head for the hills on November 17, Take a Hike Day. Whether you head to Kings Canyon, Shaver Lake, or all the way to Yosemite, be sure to bring a camera and snap some pictures.

November 19 Have a Bad Day Day:

Everyone has bad days, and November 19 says that this is okay! Traditionally, the day is spent in telling friends, neighbors, and strangers (in the cheeriest voice possible) to “have a bad day!”

November 21 World Hello Day:

Created to promote world peace, World Hello Day asks people all over the world to join in the effort towards peace by simply greeting ten strangers with a smile!

November 28 French Toast Day:

French Toast Day is exactly what it sounds like: the perfect excuse to have french toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Go ahead and go crazy with the toppings, and be sure to invite a friend.

Whatever your hobbies and interests, November has a holiday for almost anyone. So before the season’s over, find a holiday or tradition to participate in and make this November a good one!

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Tis Almost the Season to be Jolly