CHS and Clark’s Orchestra Fall Concert Takes Place Tonight

Jordyn Ohashi, Reporter

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Clovis High and Clark Intermediate Orchestra will be performing at their Orchestra Fall Concert tonight at 7 p.m. in the Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall.  Admission to the concert is $5 for adults and $2 for students.

At the concert there will be four string orchestras: Clark’s Orchestra, CHS’s Blue Orchestra, CHS’s Gold Orchestra, and CHS’s Chamber Orchestra will be performing in this order.

After Clark’s Orchestra, CHS’s Blue Orchestra have three or four selections that they will be playing under the direction of Les Nunes.  

The Gold Orchestra will open with the piece, “Open Lands” followed by “Balladair” by Frank Erickson and ending with the “Brandenburg Concerto” number 3, first movement, a traditional box string piece.

The final section, the Chamber Orchestra, will commence with Shane Baldwin and Hannah Brown playing the first movement of Vivaldi’s “Double Cello Concerto.”

They will then play the last movement of Bernstein Candide, which is “Make Our Garden Grow” featuring Izzy Knittle on violin. To wrap up the concert they are ending with “Simple Symphony” by Benjamin Britten.

“That’s really cool. [Simple Symphony] offers a lot of technique stuff for the orchestra,” said Esmeralda Rocha Lozano, the Director of Instrumental Music.  “[Britten] was a young child when he wrote it and there is a lot on playful characteristics in the movements”

The string orchestras have been working on these pieces for about six weeks. The music has been chosen by Lozano; she spends the first few weeks just listening to the students and then she chooses music based on what she hears.

“I choose music based on the classrooms in front of me,” said Lozano.  “This year I try to feature as many kids as I can in my concerts and finding that music that is achievable as well as something for them to work for and get better and also to showcase their skills.”

She bought “Make Our Garden Grow” five or six years ago and has always wanted to do it but has held onto it, waiting for the right group.

“This year I was like ‘this is the group and we are going to play “Make Our Garden Grow’ and they sound great at it,” said Lozano.

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CHS and Clark’s Orchestra Fall Concert Takes Place Tonight