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Auto Department Receives Generous Donation

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Auto Department Receives Generous Donation

Students from Clovis High's auto department inspect the newest additions to their garage.

Students from Clovis High's auto department inspect the newest additions to their garage.

Students from Clovis High's auto department inspect the newest additions to their garage.

Students from Clovis High's auto department inspect the newest additions to their garage.

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The Clovis High auto department received a generous donation from General Motors and Fresno City College ASEMP program. A total of five cars were donated to Clovis High’s auto department for students in the ROP program to improve their skills as aspiring service technicians.

Jason Mullikin, the automotive technology instructor and coordinator of Clovis High’ auto department, said that the department received five donated vehicles: a GMC Acadia, Corvette, Cobalt, two Chevy Cruzes. Three of those vehicles were donated from General motors personally.

Clovis High’s ROP auto department is certified by the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation and offers students to gain practical experience in diagnosing, troubleshooting, and servicing procedures in the automotive field.

Fresno City College’s ASMP Program is designed to train students to start as entry-level technician to begin careers as certified service technicians. With their donation to Clovis High, it strengthens the departments ability to supplement student learning with hands on experience.

Mullikin said that the vehicles donated are of the latest models, meaning that, “kids are working on vehicles that that they would see if they were to leave my program and go continue working in the industry.”

There is a trading system amongst General Motors, Fresno City, and high schools meeting industry requirements. Each school can have a limited amount of cars at a given time. The schools will often trade amongst themselves to have the opportunity to work on new vehicles.

“The Corvette and Cobalt were donated to us by Fresno City Community College. The cars were originally donated to Fresno City Community College by General Motors, and are now passed along to us,” Mullikin said. “I  donated a Cadillac Escalade and a Cadillac CTS to Clovis West in order to free up space to get the Corvette and the Cobalt.”

“It is a cool relationship that we have. Having the ties and relationships with General Motors, we have the ability to receive donations,” Mullikin said.

The department has been working on the same cars for years and the donation of cars allows students to work on cars that have updated technology.

Sophomore Cody Luginbill is in his second year of taking the class.

“I thought [the car donation] was cool because we’ve been working on the same cars for awhile and we finally get to work on cars with newer technology,” Luginbill said.

“Our old cars have outdated technology.,” Mullikin said. “With these new cars, students have new technology, new scan tools and new training that would still benefit them if they were to go to a new car dealership.”

General Motors will donate vehicles when they have problems and can’t resell them

“They will donate them to secondary schools or colleges. There is no strings attached, it’s a tax ride of, they can’t be insured, and they can’t be driven on the road,” Mullikin said, “all the cars run and the kids get to work on them.”


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Auto Department Receives Generous Donation