Clovis High Gets Inspired

Faith McKesson, Reporter

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With current politics and violent news stories surfacing, it’s important that students feel connected and respected by their peers and community. The newly introduced “Inspired Club”  on the Clovis High campus makes this prerogative their mission.

Clovis High senior and club creator Sarah Chang began to notice divisions between groups on campus.

This would soon lead to the club’s formation.

“I believe that by bringing together students with different backgrounds with different extra-circulars can unite the school.” said Chang.

After a series of racially targeted messages sent by CUSD student were revealed, Clovis High students seemingly fell into specific social groups as a way of recuperating.

Although being established a whole year prior, the “Inspired Club” still addressed the issue and have worked on sharing it to the whole Clovis High campus.

“We still acted upon the incident with the making of a video called #KnowMyStory,” said Chang. “The whole school will see it in an upcoming family group meeting.”  

With the goal of bringing students together and creating a positive atmosphere for all, the club and its advisers hope to leave a long-term brand on each participant.

Regarding the end of each meeting, senior Cooper Pendergast said, “ I hope that everybody realizes that by being a part of the club, they are given the opportunity to better the days of our peers.”

Providing willing students with ideas and methods of positivity is exactly what’s needed during this rocky climate on and off campus.

“We want to promote kindness to all and to make the campus a safe place where everyone feels valued and wants to be,” said senior Jordyn Pfalzgraff.  

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Clovis High Gets Inspired