Diversity Council Seeks to Unite Campus

Payton Mayer, Reporter

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Once every month, Clovis High club presidents on campus attend a meeting called Diversity Council to come together to help unify the campus.

Diversity Council is a short meeting where club presidents on campus discuss activities or fundraisers all the clubs on campus are doing.

“It’s just a quick a little meeting for clubs just to connect more,” said Activities Director Stacy Graves. “It’s something that bonds the clubs so they can all stay connected on what they’re doing on campus.”

Graves said that the meeting is a way to connect the clubs and the people in them.

“We have so many clubs on campus that it’s nice to bring them together and breaking the diversity we have on campus,” said Graves. “We have had a lot of problems with stereotypes and other cultural issues on campus this year, and we feel like this is one of the best ways to break this wall between us.”

Senior Mean Dean is the president of the club Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and placed her own input on diversity council and its perks.

“We talk about the status of all the clubs and different projects that we want to accomplish,” said Dean. “We also discuss ways to support other clubs and service projects or organizing events for them.”

Senior Alison Heitzig who is the president of the Leo Club, has found great meaning in the Diversity Council.

“The council is a really great thing,” said Heitzig. “Just keeping the other clubs updated on what we want to accomplish and getting support from them to accomplish those goals really helps.”

Dean has found the council to be helpful and believes it helps the other clubs as well.

“It’s really eye-opening and humbling to see the heads of all the groups on campus working together to serve the students of CHS,” said Dean. “It reminds me of how diverse Clovis High is and how much better it is when we use that diversity to unify us.”

Dean also talked about the projects that they’re working on and said it will “have a big impact on students which proves how powerful it is when student leaders from different backgrounds, beliefs, or groups work together.”

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Diversity Council Seeks to Unite Campus