Boys Scouts Will Open the Door for Girls to Join

Emma Streich, Reporter

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The Boy Scouts of Central America recently decided to start allowing girls into the organization. Girls will be able to start Cub Scouts in the middle of 2018 and Boy Scouts in 2019.

“Families were asking if they could include their daughters, because their sons were in Cub Scouts” so they decided to allow girls to participate said John Richers, CEO/Scout Executive of Sequoia Council Boy Scouts of America.

There are about 7,400 local youths involved with boy scouts and Richers estimates 1,000 additional girls will join.

A few sisters of boy scouts had been attending meetings and doing some of the activities, they had just never been officially registered.

Most people don’t seem to be conflicted about the idea. People either love it or hate it. There is little in between, but this way girls have a choice of Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are different in the way that the boys spend more time in the outdoors while the girls focus on preparing to answer STEM questions and for real life scenarios such as job interviews and seeking hobbies. Richers said that the Girl Scouts will be introducing more outdoorsy programs soon.

Both groups have one major thing that the participants aim for. For the girls it is the Gold Award and for the boys it is earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Girls will be able to earn the Eagle Scout rank, and are expected to complete all the tasks that are expected of the boys such as going through all of the ranks below it.

The Girl Scouts do not have plans to allow boys to participate in Girl Scouts in an effort to keep it “a safe haven for girls to learn and develop skills they otherwise would be hesitant to acquire if in a co-ed environment,” said Jordan King, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Girl Scouts of Central California South.

Richers agrees in the idea that there “ought to be a time when girls can be together just girls and boys can be together just boys.”

Richers believes going into the community as a joint group rather than separate organizations will allow them to help more and have better results.

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Boys Scouts Will Open the Door for Girls to Join