Justice League Looks to Build On DC Comics Universe

Justin Lowery, Reporter

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After the recent success of the Marvel movies, DC Comics decided to reboot its movie universe in order to compete with the popular Avengers movies. The DC universe kicked off in 2013 with Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill as Superman and the movies continued with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad in 2016 and the box office hit Wonder Woman which released earlier this year.

While these films did not receive high praise from the critics, aside from Wonder Woman, they set up the making of the 2017 superhero team-up in Justice League.


After the death of Superman, Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) set out on a mission to recruit persons with special abilities to aid them in their fight against beings from another universe.

The recruits include Barry Allen (Flash), Arthur Curry (Aquaman), and Victor Stone (Cyborg).

Bruce and Diana meet with the heros as the world is beginning to be invaded by Parademons from the evil planet of Apokolips. These evil beings were sent by the ruler Darkseid in attempt to find the three powerful mother boxes which could be used to overtake Earth.

The villain of the movie, Steppenwolf, is sent to Earth to capture the three “mother boxes” which have been hidden in Atlantis, the Amazon, and S.T.A.R . Labs in Central City.

A mother box is a cube-shaped piece of technology of Apokoliptian origin with an unimaginable amount of power.

Steppenwolf, known to many as “the destroyer of worlds”, had failed thousands of years ago in his conquest of Earth and the mother boxes. However, the death of Superman opened up an opportunity for the villain to take advantage of the loss of hope and finish his mission.

After apprehending two of the mother boxes (Atlantis and the Amazon), Steppenwolf only needs the third to end life as we know it on Earth. The last motherbox, however, is now in the possession of the Justice League.

Despite some reluctancy from Aquaman and Cyborg, the League is united and devises a plan to stop Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons.

The question is, will the league be able to unite and provide hope to humanity by defeating the villains who threaten life on earth? That very question will be answered within the two hour film.

The movie, although it has not initially received high marks by critics, has received good reviews from the audience. (Critics from Rotten Tomatoes have given the movie a 41% approval rating, while 85% of Google users claimed to like the movie).

The target audience of this movie would be teenagers and young adults who prefer action-filled superhero thrillers.

While the past DC movies received backlash for having too dark of demeanors, Justice League has a much lighter tone. Comic relief is seen throughout the movie, mostly by the fan favorite character the Flash who seems to have something funny to say every time he opens his mouth. Despite the lighter tone, the directors of the movie were able to find a balance of seriousness as well.

In my opinion, the lighter tone throughout the movie was far better than the darker tone of the past DC movies as it provided the audience with more laughs.

At the same time, the movie had a darker tone during the moments that it fit such as the fights between the good guys and the bad guys.

In  addition, I think the directors did a good job of managing all of the big-name heroes and providing sufficient backgrounds to introduce the characters to the big screen. All of the heroes blended well, which could prove beneficial in their future movies.

The upcoming films will introduce even more fan favorite superheroes and build on the characters already introduced in the universe.

Although critics might claim that DC has a long way to go if it aspires to be compared to the movies of the Marvel universe, I believe they are on the right track after Justice League and the upcoming films will help garner more support and fanship.

If you have extra time and money, you will not regret buying a ticket to watch this movie.

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Justice League Looks to Build On DC Comics Universe