Annual Powderpuff Game Takes Place Tonight in Lamonica Stadium

Emma Streich, Reporter

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Lamonica stadium is playing host tonight to Clovis High’s annual powerpuff extravaganza. The seniors will face the juniors and the sophomores will face the freshmen to see who will come out on top.

Powderpuff is essentially a typical high school football game but with the genders reversed. A male football player becomes the coach for the female participants, while females play the game.

Coaches teach the girls plays and strategies, and while the actual game is fun to watch and play the highlight tends to be the cheerleaders “halftime” show.

A group of customarily male students get together to choreograph a routine that they perform in between the two games. Last year’s was quite a show with the inclusion of several backflips, some stunts, and the years hottest songs.

The boys dress up in anything from tights with shorts over to tank tops and bows.

Senior Tori Mueller has played powderpuff all four years at CHS.

“If you’re tough, if you are somewhat fast, or if you just want to push a girl around then go for it,” Mueller said.  

The only year the class of 2018  has not won a powderpuff game was Mueller’s freshman year, and she is hoping to keep their streak alive.

Last year, in an upset class of 2018 beat the seniors and as expected the sophomores beat the freshmen.

For Mueller powderpuff is her only opportunity to play football, a sport she loves. Her favorite part about the game is “the hype when you get that dub” or when girls “get rough” during the game.

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Annual Powderpuff Game Takes Place Tonight in Lamonica Stadium