Benefits to CHS Connection Website

Josiah Majors, Reporter

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Clovis High has its very own version of Khan Academy in the platform of CHS Connection.

The vision for the website began with former Principal Denver Stairs and was implemented by Instructional Technology Coach Megan Dorais in the fall of 2016 as part of a technological initiative at Clovis High.

Cougar teachers, counselors, and administrators were faced with the problem of providing educational support for students struggling in certain classes outside of school hours. This was often due to teachers having various teaching methods that may not match the learning style of all students.

Some teachers prefer the classic pencil and paper notes while others use the more modern technique of recording video notes and posting them on their class website.

For the students who have teachers that use video notes, they can go to their teacher’s website and refer back to the video for extra assistance but for the students not in these classes they were left out to dry.  

“Personally I was struggling with math last year and didn’t have time after school to get help,” senior Brennah Girton said. “But then my counselor told me about CHS Connection and the video notes there helped a lot.”

When CHS Connection was implemented this brought all forms of teaching to one centralized location allowing students to have a utility outside of school that is easy to use and access.

“I feel like the website is pretty easy to use,” economics teacher Thad Crews said. “I mean I feel like a blind monkey could use it.”

Essentially CHS Connection is a one stop shop for academic resources. It plays host to teacher tutorials, suggested apps, Family Group content, and more. The website serves as an academic resource rather than an informational resource that the main Clovis High website acts as.

“The website has allowed staff, students, and parents to access academic items from one site,” math teacher Jeanette Pires said. “They have been able to connect and help answer academic needs.”  

“I think one of the websites best features is that parents can use it too,” Principal Stephanie Hanks said. “Knowing that a parent can go to the website and reteach themselves to help their kid or simply direct their kid to the website is a great option either way.”

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Benefits to CHS Connection Website