Food Trucks at CHS During Lunch Friday

Payton Mayer, Reporter

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With the stress and pressure of finals week, Activities Director Stacy Lazzari and the rest of leadership program thought it would only be right to reward the students of Clovis High for their hard work before they enter Christmas break with an extended lunch and food trucks Friday December 22.

“It’s just something we thought would be good for the students,” said Lazzari. “We know this week is stressful so we thought it would be nice to extend their lunch time so they have more time to hang out with their friends.”

Lazzari was also well aware that this is the first year of a rigorous finals schedule for some some underclassmen and doesn’t want them to be “scared” about high school finals.

“We know this week can be stressful, but we want the freshman to still enjoy the week before they go to Christmas break,” said Lazzari.

Lazzari also explained that her and the leadership team want to switch from the more cold food items they had at food fair in September to warmer seasonal items. Thus, vendors will include Yosemite Concessions, Cinnamon Roll Concessions, and several others.

Having this hour lunch is also great news for the students, especially for the seniors.

“I love having a longer lunch,” said senior Samantha Thompson. “Since I have CART, I get out early where I can make the most of the lunch time and get a longer nap in.”

Now for the students who are not seniors, they have some different opinions about the food trucks and the longer lunch.

“Like it’s cool that we have a longer lunch and all, but the food trucks are so expensive,” said junior Ivy Acosta. “The lines are really long because of all the kids at the school and when you go to order your food, they charge you more then they do at the actual restaurant.”

“I’m fine with a hour lunch,” said junior Cortney Fent. “I have CART so I can just go home for a bit, but it also gives me time to complain about the finals I took to my friends. Yeah, it would’ve been nicer to have a half-day, but I still can’t argue about a longer lunch.”

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Food Trucks at CHS During Lunch Friday