Insidious: The Last Key Review

Justin Lowery, Reporter

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In 2010, Australian screenwriter and producer Leigh Whannell began his American horror film series with Insidious, which was followed by two more chapters in 2013 and 2015. Just recently, the fourth movie of the series was released when Insidious: The Last Key hit theaters.

Although it was the fourth movie released in the Insidious franchise, The Last Key acts as a prequel in order to give main character Elise Rainier, a psychic heroine, her backstory.

In this movie, ghosts of Elise’s troubled childhood come back to haunt her in her elderly age.

The psychic heroine begins to experience flashbacks of her first experiences with “the other world” when she was young, which often got her into trouble with her father who did not believe in her special abilities.

In present day, Elise gets a phone call about paranormal disturbances which can only be solved by her and her crew of ghost hunters.

Much to her surprise, the complaint came from her childhood home. That being said, she set off on a mission to make things right with her troubled past by fixing it in the present.

Although the Insidious movies are widely popular for keeping their audience on the edge of their seat, waiting to be horrified, The Last Key takes a different approach.

While there are instances of horror, there will not be a lot of screams coming from the audience being that this film focuses more on building a story.

Due to the noticeable lack of horror, the movie has witnessed low ratings (33% approval by Rotten Tomatoes) and criticism for being to “boring”.

In my opinion, the movie lacked those “jump scare” scenes, but boasts a great storyline by providing backstory to the most important character of the series.

If you are an Insidious fan, or even a horror movie fan in general, it would not be a bad decision to watch Insidious: The Last Key.


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Insidious: The Last Key Review