Winter Percussion Concert

Josiah Majors, Reporter

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The Clovis High School percussion took the stage at Clovis North’s Shaghoian Concert Hall on Friday, January 19.

At this event the percussion students either played a solo or duet with a partner that they learned throughout the year.

The catch, though, was that each student had to play on a percussion instrument they were not familiar with.

“This was in order to get students out of their comfort zone,” Percussion Director Salvador Hernandez said. “By doing this the students become more diverse with percussion instruments which also increases their musical ability.”

The most notable performance was a piece called “The Game of the Century” performed by senior Lizzie Villalobos and junior Danny Castillo.

The piece itself achieved its name from the legendary chess match between 26-year-old Donald Byrne and 13-year-old Bobby Fischer at the Rosenwald Memorial Tournament in New York on October 17, 1956.

Villalobos and Castillo paid homage to the epic chess match by playing the whole percussion arrangement of “The Game of the Century” with just a chess board and the chess pieces.

“It was something new, different, and challenging,” Villalobos said, “We had to figure out where each piece would need to go at a certain time and still keep the rhythm going.”  

The concert also had a new setup where the audience was actually sitting on the stage with the performers in order to create a more intimate atmosphere.

“It was a little more stressful since the audience was right in front of us now,” senior Kaleb Guindi said, “Some of us ended up messing up but overall everyone still played great and recovered from any of their mistakes.”


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Winter Percussion Concert