Bye Bye Birdie

Andraya Trutna, Reporter

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Clovis High School’s production Bye Bye Birdie is exactly what you should see if you are looking for an entertaining night.

Bye Bye Birdie is about a famous singer, Conrad Birdie, played by senior Devon Melgoza, who was drafted for the war. As a last hope to earn some money, his manager, Albert Peterson, played by sophomore Micah Nicholson, has Birdie have his last kiss before he goes off to war with a fan named Kim MacAfee, played by senior Sydney Coots.

A lot of complicated issues and underlying problems meet nearly everyone when Birdie arrives and most of the play is a hectic rush to make everything right.

There are four actors who were outstanding in their roles and helped make this play entertaining and worthwhile. These actors include Nicholson, as mentioned above, who played Albert Peterson, Conrad Birdie’s manager. Jennaca Ortiz, a sophomore, who played Mae “Mama” Peterson, Albert Peterson’s mom. Serena Myers, senior, who played Rose Alvarez, Albert Peterson’s special someone. Last but not least, Luke Colvard, a junior, played Harry MacAfee, the father of Kim MacAfee.

All these actors fit perfectly in their roles with their chameleon-like skills by being able to blend and conform into any role presented to them. Not all of these actors had solos or even a singing part but the ones who did had outstanding voices where you could really feel the emotion their character was experiencing in that particular moment.

I give props to Megan Hamilton, the drama teacher, for skillfully picking these kids for those particular parts.

The play seems repetitive and slow during the first act but you get involved during the second act where the repetitiveness fades and the ball really gets rolling.

All in all I believe that Bye Bye Birdie is a worthwhile production that every age would enjoy.


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Bye Bye Birdie