Junior Guidance Lessons

Emma Streich, Reporter

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Almost all CHS juniors went to the library during their history class for guidance lessons on Wednesday, January 17 and Thursday, January 18. Counselors had students look at their career options as well as their plans for classes next year.

The counselors do the lessons every year in effort to “provide students with opportunities to explore college and career options and develop a plan to achieve their career goals throughout their time at Clovis High School,” says CHS counselor Stephanie Frazier.

It takes around two hours for the counselors to get all the information to the students. They address everything from CART and ROP benefits to scholarship opportunities.

Junior Sydney Blair says, “If you have no idea what you want to do, then [the lessons] help you point out what you want to do when you go to college.”

When students first arrived they met with their counselor who in turn gave them a folder containing their transcript that displays the letter grade earned in every class while in high school.

The transcript also allows you to see your unweighted and weighted GPA, as well as your UC and CSU GPA. Also within the folder is a group of papers telling juniors what they should be doing during their 11th grade year to stay on track for college.

After meeting with individual counselors students split into three groups for a three station rotation run by all of the counselors.

The first station has students log onto careercruising.com to take a quiz about their strengths and interests. This told them what job they might excel at based on the way they answered the questions.

After the quiz, students were told about what college classes they can take while still in high school. These classes allow students to get ahead by completing said college classes with a C or higher, or scoring a 3 and above on their Advanced Placement (AP) test at the end of the year for dual credit. Dual credit means you get college credits as well as high school credits.

Moving onto the second station, the juniors had a chance to learn about different scholarships as well as other ways to get money for college.

According to the counseling office one fast and easy way to apply for scholarships is through fastweb.com. All you need to do is make an account, answer a few questions about yourself, then the website will match you with several scholarship that you qualify for. You have the choice of whether or not you apply for each individual one. They vary from simply pushing “apply” to making videos to writing short responses or essays.

The third station was split into two groups, the first half of the group learned about the opportunities that an internship could provide. Students who had a career field in mind could gain first hand experience that will help them as they apply for jobs in the future.

The second part of the station gave a better insight to the possible benefits that CART and ROP might offer. Pamphlets as well as application deadlines were handed out for those who were interested.

Each group of students started at a different station but every one essentially got the same information, although each student paid close attention to the parts that interested them.

Some of the conference’s benefits helped relieve some of the stress Blair has been feeling about college.

“[The conference] made me feel more informed, more comfortable, because I know the kind of classes we will have to take,” Blair said.


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Junior Guidance Lessons