State Qualifiers Right Around the Corner

Payton Mayer, Reporter

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State qualifiers are just around the corner and the Clovis High School speech team is all geared up and ready to qualify this weekend January 27-28.

The speech team has been preparing long and hard for this. Speech and debate coach and U.S. History teacher Katie Wayne hasn’t held back on complimenting on her team’s hard work and dedication they have shown this year.

“I feel like everyone competing this weekend has worked hard for this moment,” said Wayne. “I feel like the sources and material they have gathered, and their speeches they created are well developed and very well spoken.”

One person that Wayne has built a strong bond with over the years, and has really seen make strides during her time on the speech team, is senior Ashley Bermudez.

“[Ashley] has come a long way since she started,” said Wayne. “I’ve heard some of her speech and it is very well put together and the way she delivers it is very moving as well. I feel like she will be successful at the state qualifiers.”

Bermudez plans on delivering a speech on what is called a thematic interpretation.

A thematic interpretation is when the speaker gathers material from three pieces of literature to support a general topic. The three pieces of literature could be a book, an article, a poem, a song, etc.

For Bermudez, the topic she will be presenting to the judges is immigration.

“It’s always good to talk about a topic you’re very passionate about,” said Bermudez. “Since I have family members and other relatives that are immigrants, I feel like I have a deeper appreciation about the topic therefore pouring more emotion into what I am saying.”

Bermudez plans on gathering material from a song, a book and a poem she researched. To introduce her topic, she plans on talking about her own family and the struggles they have endured being immigrants.

“I plan on showing life with and without immigrants,” said Bermudez. “I felt like I could get more out of the judges with that and hopefully try and win some sympathy points with the topic as well.”

Since this is Bermudez senior year, she holds a soft spot in her heart for this competition knowing this could be the last time she competes on the speech team.

“I love doing speech,” said Bermudez. “This tournament will be emotional and I’ve had a lot of great memories with Mrs. Wayne and everyone on the team. Speech has helped me build a stronger desire for school and it has seriously taught me a lot.”

Wayne, like Bermudez and the rest of the team, want one thing out of this tournament: “to qualify!”

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State Qualifiers Right Around the Corner