Lil’ Hoopsters

Andraya Trutna, Reporter

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One of the Little Hoopsters tournaments was recently hosted  at Clovis High School. Little Hoopsters,  more commonly known as “Lil’ Hoopsters,” is  a developmental program for elementary school students in Clovis Unified School District, according to Greg Clark, the Clovis High School girl’s basketball coach.

Little Hoopsters helps kids learn how to play basketball and even gives them the chance to practice their skills in tournaments hosted at local high schools. The most recent one was at Clovis High School.

Little Hoopsters, in Clark’s opinion, is designed to “build interest in girl’s basketball in our area.” Little Hoopsters is like a recruitment program so that high school basketball teams will have experienced players in the future, which is important in every sport.

The basketball players from Clovis High even get involved with helping the kids. Sophomore Morgan Matsunaga likes working with the kids because she “gets to see the future of our [basketball] program.”

Little Hoopsters incorporates the high school students and coaches in order to help build relationships with the kids and create a love of basketball.

Matsunaga says that Little Hoopsters is great for the elementary school kids because“they get more practice and more playing experience.”

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Lil’ Hoopsters