Trump vs. Jay-Z

Justin Lowery, Reporter

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President Donald Trump has started yet another feud over social media with his recent comments with famous rapper Jay-Z.

After Trump boasted that African-Americans have witnessed their lowest unemployment rates in years at nearly 6.8%, Jay-Z fired back with concerns about living conditions rather than mere unemployment rates.

Jay-Z went on the Van Jones Show and discussed the matter claiming, “It’s not about money at the end of the day. Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point.”

While the famous rapper did acknowledge the decline in African-American unemployment, he was not willing to give the president all of the credit for the feat.

Trump attempted to fire back on Twitter claiming, “Trump approval ratings with Black Americans has double.”

Despite his increasing approval ratings, Trump should not receive all of the credit for the declining unemployment numbers. The trend has been occurring over the past few years, steadily declining every year from its whopping 16.4% in 2011.

I am not saying that Trump has done nothing to contribute to these declining rates, obviously he and his administration have had a hand in it. That being said, it is not fair for Trump to take all of the credit for the work that has been going on for nearly the last decade.

Jay-Z responded, “Unemployment was coming down. He kept that going. Great. But [Trump’s] not listening to the voices of the black community.”

Jay-Z is calling on Trump to take action and improve the living experience of the African-American community as a whole, rather than merely the employment aspect. While having a job is extremely vital in this world to get ahead or even stay afloat financially, there are far more aspects of life that contribute to the well-being of an individual and even an entire community.

However, this responsibility cannot lie solely on the shoulders of President Trump. Everyone within the community must treat each other with respect and dignity no matter their race, gender, age, or belief system.

It is also our job to do the same thing on the Clovis High campus each and every day. Treat all of your fellow Cougars with equal respect and our school will continue to be one of the best in the nation.


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Trump vs. Jay-Z