ASB Elections

Payton Mayer, Reporter

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As the seniors prepare to graduate and the 2018-2019 school year inches closer, ASB elections were bound to come for the underclassman to choose students to replace the seniors and represent them the following year.

These elections took place last Friday February 2, as underclassman and teachers watched what some candidates considered ‘cringey’ videos and elected officers.

Of course there were multiple winners, but the officers most people were excited to hear about or care for was the ASB president Makenna Delgado, and ASB Spirit Commissioner Jonna Pierre and Kaitlyn Strickler.

“I was happy but more surprised that I won,” said Delgado, who is currently a junior. “I actually wanted to run for spirit commissioner but Mrs. Carp convinced me to run for ASB president because I would be able to sit in more meetings and be involved in more.”

“I decided to run for spirit commissioner because I am very into school spirit,” said Pierre who also a junior currently. “Being a student section leader and being a spirit commissioner go hand in hand so I really wasn’t shocked that I won, but I was more happy Kaitlyn won.”

Funny thing is that both Delgado and Pierre wanted to change the way school spirit was represented at sporting events.

“Our athletics recently, no offense, have been slacking a little bit,” said Delgado. “I just feel like if we could get more people out to support [athletics] then maybe something could change.”

“I want to increase the amount of school spirit we have in this school,” said Pierre. “I want to increase [school spirit] and have people feel happy to be a part of the school and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Pierre followed this by saying “I hope to get more people involved with the school’s activities and to have them enjoy going to games and supporting their school.”

Both Delgado and Pierre were both embarrassed by the videos they created and felt that were going to catch, in Pierre’s words, “shady” eyes.

“I had a lot of fun creating the video,” said Delgado. “But watching it from the outside, I really cringed watching myself.”

All-in-all, they both agreed, that the main goal they wanted to accomplish was “making everyone have fun and create a more memorable experience here at Clovis High.”


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ASB Elections