The Start of a New Season

Payton Mayer, Reporter

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With last year’s Clovis High leading shot put and discus thrower Jonah Wilson now at Washington University, and the return of senior phenom hurdler and high jumper, Jake Woods, Clovis High track and field team looked to start fresh this year with the Bobbie Bass Sprint Carnival last Saturday at CHS in preparation for another meet against Clovis East High School this afternoon.

This meet consisted of teams all over the valley including the Clovis Unified Schools as events of both track and field scattered the Clovis High campus.

Clovis High started the afternoon off with a fourth place finish in the men’s 4X4, falling behind Clovis North High School who set a record, finishing under 45 seconds.

“They were so fast,” said senior Nathaniel Barry. Barry missed the end of the season last year, including Arcadia and the state meet due to illness and injury. “I tried so hard to catch up to them but they were gone. That explains why they broke the record.”

Field didn’t start off the best either, struggling in the high jump as junior Phoenix Jones and Woods struggled to compete.

“We were only going from half distance,” said Woods. “Normally I go as far back as I can to build up speed and momentum, but since this was our first meet, [Coach Tiffany] Boone felt it would be best to start halfway kind of as a warm up.”

“I eventually just went full distance,” said Jones. “I would start halfway, and if I failed to make it in my first attempt, I would go back further preparing myself for my real jump.”

With this track and field meet coming up today against Clovis East, Barry and Woods hope to compete again at Arcadia and hope to win in the state meet later this year.

“Hopefully I can stay healthy for the entire year,” said Barry. “I have been training all summer and I feel fresh off of surgery I had this summer and I feel the most prepared I have in a while. Coach [Ephion] Jackson has put a lot of work into me and I’m ready.”

“I want to win state,” said Woods. “I feel good and I am confident that I can win. I struggled last year at Arcadia and state, but this year, I want to win, and I know I can win.”

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The Start of a New Season