Beyond High School

Andraya Trutna, Reporter

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The event “Beyond High School” was originally created by late Clovis High School counselor Gary Prentice and when it was first created it was only available to Clovis High School students.

As Clovis High continued hosting this event they began opening it up to all Clovis Unified School District Schools because it was more convenient for the colleges and it brought in more people.  Clovis High School hosted this event again on Monday from 6 to 8 p.m.

Beyond High School is an informational night for high school students about colleges and careers. This event was designed to help students have an understanding of what their choices are. “It helps students decide which college would best suit them and what careers they would want to pursue,” said Jennifer Pritchard, the Clovis High School counselor who helped put together this event.

Beyond High School helps students know their choices in two different ways.

For the first hour of Beyond High School students attended a wide variety of informational meetings in classrooms about things such as out of state colleges, physical therapy, nursing, and Advanced Placement (AP) expectations and benefits. There were two sessions, each being about 30 minutes long, so that students could attend more than one meeting.

For the second hour students headed to the South gym where the colleges each had a table or two of information that students could freely investigate.

Pritchard strongly encouraged students to attend Beyond High School because “it gives them a chance to speak to representatives from colleges and what paths they should take.” Pritchard also says that going to this event may even “make college more affordable because someone who attends could be more aware of the scholarships and options available to them.”


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Beyond High School