A Life of Productivity

Marlem Reyes, Reporter

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Procrastination. An old friend and enemy–stranger to none. It does nobody any good yet we all do it. We subject ourselves to the inevitable trainwreck.

For example–Have you ever found yourself doing all sorts of unimportant activities such as watching “Shaving my Piano” instead of getting started on that essay due in English? Have you ever realized you postponed studying until it was way too late and no amount of caffeine will keep you awake during the test, that the late night studying didn’t even matter anyway? Have you ever sat down to catch up on some Netflix and realized you had more pressing matters to attend to, yet you still sat there and continued to watch Netflix stressfully aware of all those responsibilities?

Let’s face it, we are all guilty of this. We are all so culpable of the same transgression that there are a myriad of memes on social media about procrastination. Memes that we sit down, read and chuckle at while we procrastinate.

I’m not solely pointing a finger at our Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter accounts, yet there were the hours you spent scrolling through the previously mentioned platforms instead of working on that assignment due this week.

Procrastination is a self-set trap we all fall into–crash into. We ignore an unpleasant, and most likely important, task in favor of doing a much simpler or enjoyable one.

Procrastinating over a long period of time is even worse; it leaves us feeling anxious and even depressed.

So what can we do to stop ourselves from procrastinating?

Recognizing when you’re putting things off for later is the first step. A bad habit can not be broken overnight, you need a strategy. Speaking for myself, procrastination is a difficult habit to break but it’s better to start practicing now than to attempt to break this ugly habit later–in college or at work.

Asking someone to check up on you is a good place to start, because peer pressure is real. Having friends in classes remind you or text you goes a long way.

Tackling tasks as soon as you get them rather than letting them build up is another good way to minimize procrastination. Acting as you go.

Minimize distractions. Yes, that means our phones. Either by turning them off or simply tapping the “Do Not Disturb” button.

Most importantly, lessen the pain. Think of little rewards for yourself after finishing an assignment, treat yourself. Watch an episode of your favorite show afterwards, get yourself some Starbucks or Dutch; celebrate your small accomplishments.

All in all, it’s vital to remember if you’re putting off an assignment you’re most likely putting off sleep–and sleep is a fantastic thing. 

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A Life of Productivity