Girls Varsity Basketball Makes it to Playoffs

Faith McKesson, Reporter

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Tonight, the girls basketball team will be hosting Lathrop High for a home state playoff game.

With a 5-5 league rank and 19-21 overall, the Cougar girls varsity team made it to playoffs for a chance to play for the title of Valley champs.

Playoffs started February 21 and ended February 28.

Clovis High went up against Stockdale on February 23 and won 54-52. With a steady win, the team moved on to play Clovis West in the semifinal playoff game.

In terms of preparing the girls for playoffs, Coach Clark said, “Keeping [the team] confident alleviates kids from getting too nervous and I want them to focus on what’s coming and how to stay calm.”

When going against some of the best high school teams in the Valley, nerves seem to always be a present emotion.

“Having nervous energy is one thing. Having nerves about losing is another,” said Clark, “We expect teams to be nervous before a big game just due to all the excitement.”

All the excitement and nerves served the girls basketball team right as they moved on to play rival school Clovis West.

In terms of strategies to prepare for the game against West, sophomore Avery Evans said, “[Clovis West] a great team and there’s going to be some intensity to that game because both teams are competitive, so we’re going to have to stick together and remain confident in ourselves and believe that we can win.”

Though the third and final playoff game didn’t result in a win for Clovis High, the season was filled with many wins and wisdom given by head coach Clark.

Junior Jasmine Heu said, “[Clark] tells us to focus on the details and everything will fall into place.”

Not only does Clark prepare the team for games, he mentors them about lessons off court.

“Coach Clark has been huge for us,” said Evans, “He’s always telling us that we can do whatever we put our minds to which gives us the confidence we need in playoffs.”

With playoffs now over, the team has some games to go until the season is fully over.

As for when the season is done, Evans said, “After this season is over, we’re going to all focus on getting better for next season, and setting our goals high and working towards them, which is something I know [the team] will do.”

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Girls Varsity Basketball Makes it to Playoffs