Disneyland Prices Rising Once Again

Payton Mayer, Reporter

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It’s a new year and once again, Disneyland has raised its prices and for a reason most would not assume- for less attendance.

Yes, you read that right: less attendance. Reported in Time magazines “Money” section, the author explained how Disneyland and Walt Disneyland Resort in Florida started this in 2016 to prevent overcrowding.

To sum up their progress- they have failed.

Regular admission at the Disneyland parks is up to $117 and single-day “peak” ticket will cost you a little around $135.

Their attendance dropped slightly in 2016 when the Disney parks first increased the prices, but they have slowly risen over time, resulting in the same issue Disney first found themselves.

“People are still going to go,” said senior Lauren Stalker. “Parents have kids and the kids want to go and it’s a fun place to be filled with a ton of stuff to do. No matter how high the prices go, I’m pretty sure people will still go.”

And Stalker is not wrong. To avoid having to buy tickets everytime she went, she and her family purchased annual passes. And you can probably guess, those rose as well.

When one purchases an annual pass one pays for the year and one has to renew it every year. When customers go to renew it, they have to pay the new price of that annual pass.

In some cases this is the better option, but in other cases it’s not. You don’t have to pay the obscured one day ticket prices, but on the other hand, you avoid spending around $1000 for the second lowest annual pass.

“I really don’t think we’re going to renew them,” said Stalker. “We’ve been so much that it’s tiring, and now that the prices have risen, once again, I don’t think we want to pay that much.”

For the lower middle class families this is rough. If they’re looking to have a good time at Disneyland, they are forced to scrap for every penny to pay for tickets for their family.

“It seriously sucks,” said junior Miranda Aguirre. “I’ve only been once because the tickets are so expensive, and my mom only has so much money.”

Statistically Disneyland isn’t helping its overcrowding issue, but most people are struggling behind the scenes to attend because of the prices. In some cases they are succeeding with the overcrowding issue, but failing in lightening the hopes and spirits of the people wanting to attend.

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Disneyland Prices Rising Once Again