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Jordyn Ohashi, Reporter

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Summer is coming up fast. Soon the fight will begin for summer jobs. All of the fun stuff that we do during summer costs money, so many students look for jobs to fund their extravaganzas. The more popular places to work include food places or retail stores.  

A common factor that most businesses have is to introduce yourself to the manager of the store you are looking to work. Many employers look for people that that charge and are go getters who will add to the success of their business.  

“It does help to come in shake someone’s hand and introduce themselves,” said Sydney Tamayl, the store manager at Tilly’s on Herndon and Sunnyside . “That extra effort goes farther than someone that just filled out the application.”

“You can always google the application online, but it’s better to come in and get one so we can actually meet you,” said Louye Perez, the store manager at Jamba Juice on Herndon and Sunnyside.

Another popular place to work that is known for being a good employer is In N Out. The manager Kyle Lowery said that there is an online application, but he usually interviews those that come in.  

Each of these stores receives hundreds of applications, so any boost or extra effort is worth a lot more than most people think. The stores look for different traits when hiring.

At Tilly’s the employee’s number of hours depends on the number of sales they are attributed for. Therefore, the employees must be able to strike up a short conversation with strangers. Another trait that they look for is someone that has another reason for working at Tilly’s besides it being a fun place to work.

“I look for people that can talk to anybody that’s the number one job requirement if you can’t talk to people this is probably not the job for you,” said Tamayl.

While In N Out’s main goals are longevity and character. Throughout the interview they look for character through behavior questions and past experiences. In addition, a goal of theirs is to hire long time employees for efficacy and for committed people.

The final store that I talk to was Jamba Juice who always looks forward to hiring temps for the busy summer time. Their hiring usually takes place between January and February. Similar to most places of business they would like people who have a magnetic personality.

“Great personality and positive attitude,” said Perez. “Someone that is very empowered and just jumps in to get things done.”     


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