Grease is the Word!

Brooke Sauceda, Reporter

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Buchanan’s theater program is known to dazzle when it comes to big musical productions—and they delivered. The Bear Stage put on the famed musical production Grease over the weekend at the Mercedes Edwards Theatre.

Grease is a widely known musical set in the 1950s at Rydell High, and tells the story of two star-crossed lovers, Sandy and Danny, as they try to be together despite coming from two different worlds. The two end up being together despite their friends’ opinions, crazy antics, and many musical numbers.

From the moment the show begins with its first musical number “Grease is the Word!” the cast’s musical talent shines. Every lead, Sandy, Danny, the Pink Ladies, and the Burger Palace Boys, has a voice that can be carried throughout the theater and range that allows them to nail every song in the show’s famed soundtrack.

One of the most impressive performances in the musical is an all male number, “Greased Lightin’”, which is lead by Kenickie (played by Luke Aujero) and the other Burger Palace Boys along with a large ensemble. The song showcases the how talented the guys in the cast are and proves that Zac Efron isn’t the only guy  that can make musicals look cool.

When talking about the talent the male cast members have, it would be hard to forget about Danny, played by Bryant Howard. Howard’s performance in one of Grease’s most well known songs, “Summer Nights,” is comparable to that of John Travolta, an impressive feat.

Of course Grease would not be complete without Sandy and Maya Gengozian’s portrayal is spot on. Gengozian ability to perfectly portray the sweet, innocent Sandy made the transition to the rougher, edger Sandy even more convincing.

The most notable part of Gengozian’s performance however is that despite her small stature her voice is huge. In her solo performance of the Oscar nominated song “Hopelessly Devoted to You”,  she captivated the audience with her powerful voice and her ability to sing with such a mature sound.

But what really makes their musical numbers impressive is the live band they have accompanying everyone of the performers’ songs.

Another great addition to the show is its set which makes it feel as though you are in the 1950’s with the cast. The set includes two stories painted with white and navy stripes complete with two staircases, a balcony for the band to play, and barn doors to easily bringi in props, such as the 1950’s Volkswagen Bug and the dinner counter.

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Grease is the Word!