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Emma Streich, Reporter

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Clovis High’s very own sophomore, Allee Her, was crowned Miss Clovis Outstanding Teen 2018 on Sunday, March 11. Fresno State senior Lauren Herring was crowned Miss Clovis 2018 at the same pageant.

Before being entered in the running for Miss Clovis, and Miss Clovis Outstanding Teen, all girls had to be accepted into the pageant after going through an audition.

In Her’s competition the contestants had to be between the ages 13 to 17. The four ladies who also competed for the title were Jocelyn Vang, Kristalyn Roman, Janelle Rocetes, and Taylor Inouye.

In Herring’s competition the contestants had to be between the age of 17 to 24, as well as never having been married. The are not allowed to have been married because of the title ‘Miss’.

The pageant was made up of six parts.

On Saturday March 10, the girls had to go in for a ten minute one on one interview with the judges where they were asked about their platform (the issue you are advocating for), the things you are involved in, and why you as an individual would be a good fit as a title holder.

Her’s platform is volunteerism, “the giving of your time and talents.”

Herring, who is a civil engineering major, chose “learn like a girl” as her platform.

“My goal is to encourage girls and young women to pursue STEM based education and career goals” says Herring.

On Sunday, the pageant for audience members to view begun. The 2016 Miss Clovis and another previous title holder talked about the reason the Miss America organization holds the pageant. The organization wants to give every girl a chance to earn scholarship money.

The pageant started with a choreographed dance among the ten girls. They were all introduced through the dance as well.

Next was the talent portion. Her played a breathtaking violin melody with faint accompanying piano music. Herring chose to display her phenomenal dancing skills.

The five teen contestants came in matching tights and tank-tops for the fit and wellness portion. There, they displayed their fitness abilities through another choreographed song. They did jumping jacks, push-ups, and ran in place.

In lieu of the fitness portion, the older girls took part in a swimsuit competition.

After the swimsuit and fitness section the ladies changed into their evening gowns, went on a strut around the stage. They then left and came back to answer one tough question about our world today.

Her was asked about her opinion on school staff being allowed guns on campus.

Finally, the ladies were asked back to the stage for the crowning.  

“I cried,” says Her, “all the hard work i had put in was paying off.”

“It was pretty crazy, I really wasn’t expecting it,” says Herring, “it was my first [pageant] and I was just the happiest I could be.”

As title holders, the two girls make appearances at other towns pageants, work with schools and the mayor to better the community.

In terms of further pageants, both Her and Herring will move onto compete for Miss California.

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Clovis Queens